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Top Family Medicine Doctors in Myrtle Beach, SC

Welcome to Family Medicine of SayeBrook

Family Medicine of SayeBrook has been serving the community of Myrtle Beach, SC since 2007. Led by Dr. McCarthy, Dr. Bornfreund, and Dr. Mahood, our team strives to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for your whole family, including seniors and children ages 12 and up. Our practice prides itself on building lasting relationships with our patients and their families, making us a trusted source for all of your healthcare needs.

Providing Primary Care For Older Adults

Care At Every Stage of Life

As we age, our healthcare needs change. That's why at Family Medicine of SayeBrook, we offer specialized care for older adults. Our physicians are experienced in managing chronic conditions and providing preventative care for the aging population. From preventative care to chronic disease management, our team is equipped to help seniors maintain their health and vitality.

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Your Accessible Primary Care Provider

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

At Family Medicine of SayeBrook, accessible healthcare is a top priority. We strive to accept a wide range of insurance plans to ensure our services are available to as many people as possible. 

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